Does your solar system need to be checked for faults? YES. Fire hazards!!!


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Do you need to service your system every year?


Yes, your solar panels gather mould and dirt and does need to be cleaned and checked by a professional yearly.

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When you see for yourself

 the huge difference in photos (of dirty mouldy panels)

and your inverter numbers a full check and clean makes you will be glad you contacted us.

Do you know if your solar system is producing?


Stress fractures


Stress Fractures

Stress fractures and “burn marks” accrue in the cells under the glass which will rapidly decrease the panels affectiveness and can also cause massive fire damage on your property if not inspected and should be replaced by supplier under warranty. Mould and any cover on the glass will affect your results. We are here to help, call now To save power!


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 Guaranteed better numbers on your inverter which means more KW of power made for your home and more savings on your power bill. 

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At the end of the day we want to keep the big companies honest and get you your warranty that you are owed and keep your system running perfectly and also protect your solar system and house from possible fire damage.

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